Weight Loss for Men Over 50 – A Personal Story

Yes losing weight for men over 50 can be difficult, for some the decision to lose weight is a personal one for others the doctor may make the decision for you and you have to take the required action for the good of your health. Whatever your reason is I hope the following may serve as both an inspiration and a tool to smooth the way to achieving the weight loss you desire, you will see the journey for me, someone who has never seriously tried to lose weight in my life, was surprisingly easy!

The Rules to Weight Loss – a Simple Formula

When it comes to your excess weight, food is the problem; but it may surprise you to know food is also the solution! I will explain further later on but for now lets break it down in its simplest form so we understand, your body needs a certain quantity of calories a day (food) in order to perform its basic functions, eat more than what’s required and you WILL gain weight, eat less than the required amount and your body will get the excess it needs from your fat stores and you WILL lose weight, it’s a plain and simple fact.

Now lets add in any exercise you do, now don’t down tools at the thought of exercise, even just plain and simple walking counts, whatever extra calories you burn in exercise will also aid your weight loss, again pretty straight forward and if this is done in addition to keeping below your bodies required calories your weight will come down quicker.

One final part required to complete the rules and that is your motivation, your reason for wanting to lose weight it may be for health reasons, you may want to improve your appearance or you may want to make sure you have longer or can do more with the Grand kids, whatever it is keep it in mind and think of it constantly.

Where Do I Start? – Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

OK we’ve made the all important decision that it’s time to lose weight but where do we start? Your starting point is your Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR this is an estimate, based on your weight, height, sex and age, of the calories you’d burn if you were to absolutely nothing but rest all day.

There are many online calculators for this but I strongly recommend that you sign up for FREE to My Fitness Pal, there is a paid Premium version of this app but I personally have never used the Premium version, for me the free version is absolutely brilliant. It is an app so it can be used on your smart phones and will be the cornerstone of your dieting journey, within the app when you sign up you input your details and it will calculate your daily calorie allowance based on your BMR and the target weight you set.

The Key to Simple Weight Loss – My Fitness Pal App

Once you have downloaded the My Fitness Pal app and set your weight loss goal the next step is to simply log everything on the app, the food you eat, the exercise you take, your drinks, everything!

The beauty is with this app it’s so simple, you will need scales so you know the portion size you are having, a good simple set that will enable you to turn them on put your plate on then reset to zero before loading your portion on is all you need. You then input the food name into the app and search for it, the app has virtually everything you can think of in it and also a facility to scan the bar-code on food packaging too so that you get the exact calorie count, you then input what you’ve had and save it… simples!

Initially you may find this tedious but very soon, as your weight starts to decrease, you will be hooked and it will become a habit. Believe me scanning bar-codes and seeing the calories in some things will certainly open your eyes!

Consistency Brings Weight Loss Results Fast

Consistency is king, log your food, drinks and exercise and keep below your calorie allowance and you will lose weight period! I was 57 when I started my weight loss journey weighing 17st 13.5lbs and as I wanted reasonably quick weight loss, of a couple of pounds a week if I could, I had a calorie allowance of 1640 a day. For my own good I started doing some ordinary walking, into town, to the post office and to the park and this helped me, especially on the two days I go out and socialise during the week, to gain extra calorie allowances for my drinks on these nights!

Logging everything day in, day out and please, don’t neglect to log things just to keep below your calorie allowance in the app that will achieve nothing and fool only yourself. Here is a screenshot of my progress over the past 6 months you can see that I have been consistent in my effort and results and this proves that consistency brings results! Did I keep within my calorie allowance every day, NO, there were days, normally when I was out socialising, when I went a couple of hundred calories over but that’s OK just don’t do it too often.

Weight Loss for Men Over 50


Personally I know I would never have achieved what I have without my reason, my consistency and the My Fitness Pal App, I simply can’t stress enough how helpful this app is.

Compliments On My Weight Loss Feels Great!

Another major plus factor in your weight loss journey is the undoubted compliments you get on what you’ve achieved, I get it without fail every week from friends, family etc and I have been told that I have been the inspiration for other to start their weight loss journey and let me tell you that feels great!

I am now just 7lb from what I thought was an ‘unattainable’ goal when I started and I know I’m just a few short weeks away from reaching it but will I stop logging what I’m eating when I get there, hell NO! This is very much a habit now, I will increase my daily allowance by around 200 calories and allow myself an occasional day or two when I go over for a specific reason but I’ve come too far to blow it and pile the weight back on again and I love being the one people ask for advice on dieting.

As I said earlier in the post food is the problem and food is the answer, I will write more posts soon to elaborate on that and tell you what foods I find most helpful in making me feel perfectly satisfied whilst being low in calories and what other foods I found that are now part of my weekly shopping, I will also highlight what you should avoid, until then take care and thanks for reading.

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