Best Way To Weight Loss – Simple Weight Loss Tips

Lets get into the real mechanics of the best way to weight loss, in truth the golden rule is very simple; in order to lose weight our body must take in less calories each day than it needs to function in its basic resting state so for example say your body needs 1800 calories just to function in a totally relaxed position lying down all day then in order for you to lose weight you would need to consume less than 1800 calories so that your body can draw the remainder of calories it needs from your fat stores, which means you will lose weight, as a simple weight loss tip it doesn’t get much easier than that.

Your Steps To Weight Loss Success

In my previous post I mentioned that you would first need to find your BMR (basal metabolic rate) number, based on your height, weight and sex, this give you the figure you need to start your weight loss journey, you can find this by signing up for free to My Fitness Pal either the app or on your desktop however if you have a smartphone the app makes your whole weight loss journey far simpler.

Once you have your BMR and the My Fitness Pal app you will need to set your target weight for example I started at 18 stone and my initial target was 15st 7lb, using these figures you also need to add your general activity level so if you sit down all day, whether at work or at home, and do no exercise at all this will have an impact on the number of calories you can consume in a day in order to lose weight and reach your target weight in the specified time. There are multiple activity levels to choose from.

Once you have your taget set the app will give you the number of calories per day that you can consume in order to lose weight.

How To Record Your Daily Calorie Intake – The Simple Way

I’m sure you have been thinking, OK that’s all very well but how do I know what the calories are in everything I eat? Well with the My Fitness Pal app that is no problem at all!

Within the app is a huge database of literally hundred of thousands of foods and drinks, the simplest way to log what you are consuming is either to search by the food name and manufacturer or just scan the barcode on the product and the number of calories pop up on the screen, you then simply tell the app the quantity of that product you are consuming it really is so easy.

What you must remember is that in the first 30 days of your weight loss journey you need to be forming habits around recording everything. You will also find that when you scan some foods that you have consumed frequently and without thought you will be horrified at the number of calories they contain and will most likely consign these foods to the past or make their consumption less frequent and strategic.

What I mean by strategic is that you will know the calories involved in that particular food and you will just plan when you have it and adjust the remainder of your food intake for that day to allow for it.

Be clear we are not saying you can’t have some foods you may love but more that you need to plan when you have that particular food if it is high in calories and adjust the rest of your intake to account for it and maintain your weight loss goals.

Effective Exercise For Weight Loss – My Best Tip Is To Move!

OK please don’t think I am going to recommend vigorous gym sessions as effective exercise for your weight loss; I started my weight loss journey at 57 years of age and being so overweight, even though I was a football referee for 23+ years, I had no intention of going to a gym multiple times a week. However what I would say and recommend wholeheartedly is do SOMETHING.

For me it was simple walking, instead of driving the 3/4 of a mile to town to pick up a few bits I would walk, as someone who generally sits at a desk all day it is surprising how much better I feel for it and how many calories it burns. I will even take a detour to make the walk longer now I am conditioned to doing it and enjoying it

As I mentioned, in relation to recording your food intake becoming a habit, so has walking for me, I really look forward to a brisk walk into town to pick up a small amount of shopping and it also saves money on fuel and parking and is better for the environment so a win win all round!

I would also recommend a fitness tracker to record your activity through the day; I use a simple wrist worn tracker that records number of steps, distance covered and calories burned as well as my heart rate. This cost me less than £22 and connects to the Very Fit Pro app which also records

sleep length and whether light or deep sleep, all pretty fascinating stuff. The fitness tracker I use is an Acme ACT202 again using it very quickly became a habit.

Acme ACT202 Fitness Tracker

Must I Cut Alcohol To Lose Weight – What I Did

OK so we want to lose weight but we don’t want to give up our social life; for me it was two night a week that me and my wife would go out in the evening to socialise, my wife is annoyingly one of those people that has never put on weight no matter what she eats and drinks, bit for me when I hit 18st it was time for action.

Well again I wanted to lose weight but was not prepared to become a recluse in order to do it; and my wife certainly wouldn’t want to stay in so what I did was to adapt what I did on those two days (Friday and Saturday) firstly limit my intake, I drank pints of lager so my first steps was to limit what I had each night to 5 pints, 7 or 8 would have been my norm before. I found that I could easily pace these out so that 5 was perfectly adequate for a good night.

Also on these days I would ensure that I went  out for 2 or 3 walks to burn up extra calories to allow for my additional calorie consumption, so I therefore adapted what I did through exercise to account for what I consumed, rather than cut out what I enjoyed.

Moving on from the initial change I made to my alcohol consumption I have now dropped my lager intake to 2 a night and moved to 3 or 4 whiskey’s with Pepsi Max Ginger to further reduce my calorie consumption, it also means I am taking in smaller amounts of liquid too whilst still fully enjoying my socialising which further helps my weight loss.

Weight Loss Habits – Quickly Formed And Powerful

Hopefully I have shown that forming weight loss habits can be done successfully within 30 days, couple this with a real reason why you want to lose weight, and be prepared to limit high calories foods (not cut out) and be prepared to make allowances for your other food intake when you do have them. Again with alcohol it’s pretty straight forward to adapt your behaviour to fully enjoy your socialising whilst still maintaining your weight loss goals.

In it’s simplest form if you have your reason, the desire to lose weight and are prepared to make a few small changes it is really simple to do once you understand that your food intake must be below your BMR to lose weight.

8 thoughts on “Best Way To Weight Loss – Simple Weight Loss Tips

  1. Great article with some sound advice.
    I know for myself that as soon as a ‘diet’ or eating regimen tells me to cut out something entirely, that’s it. Nope, can’t do it!
    I love the way you advise to monitor and adjust, without totally depriving yourself of something you love, just factor it in.
    Thanks for the tips, makes change sound like a doable plan.

    1. Thanks for your comments Fran, it is definitely just monitoring and re-educating your way to a healthier you.

  2. Great to record all intake for 30 days.
    Habits are the biggest culprit and underlying cause for being overweight.
    In my experience I found eating less equals weight loss, no matter what food, If I limit my intake, minimize the portions to teaspoons of what ever, it gives results.
    Thank you for a very good article with sound guidelines to follow.
    Bush Lady

  3. I think that we need to calculate our daily total metabolic rate, not BMR, because BMR does not take into account any physical activity, so in practice our metabolic rate may be much higher.

    1. Whilst I see what you are saying Kamil, if we limit our intake to our BMR figure any physical activity simply speeds up our weight loss.

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