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Welcome to greatselfhelp.com, we have all encountered times in our lives when we really feel we need help, my aim in creating this site is is to help people who are facing difficult situations in their lives find the information they need to help them better cope with whatever life throws at them.

Compiling a site that puts this infomation in one place is my ultimate goal, a site that offers practical help for a multitude of real life problems which I hope people will find useful.

Helping to Cope with the Stresses of Life

For many years now I have hit crisis points in my life and gone to search online for support and help to get me through some pretty tough times, these have been in several different areas of my life and have involved me spending countless hours trying to find answers to the particular issue I was facing at the time.

I’m not suggesting the internet has the answers to all life’s problem but simply having reading that can help understand the issue you are facing or solutions to help you destress can be a huge comfort. I wish I had been able to find a quick and useful resource when I had been desperately looking for help in the past.

Help is at Hand

We all face new issues daily in our lives, as I continue to do, but by sharing some of these with you I hope I can make a positive difference to your life and the way you cope with the challenges you are facing.

Recently I realised I was on a path to self destruction with my weight, I had just turned 57 years old, with high blood pressure, and piling weight on Pete at greatselfhelp.comweek after week. I had just returned from my annual vacation and was, for the first time in my life, determined to make real changes before it was too late!

The changes I made were in many ways simple and with the technology available today very easy to do, in just over 5 months I lost 4 stone in weight and feel much much happier. I will share on the site what I did to achieve this and how I am still losing weight today in a measured gradual way. Based in the UK I will also share the foods I have used to help in my journey and from which outlets I got them.

Providing Resources and Support

Of course our daily life issues can includes stress, weight management, relationship challenges and money related problems and we hope we can go some considerable way to helping you find solutions to make your life easier and less stressful.

We cover all issues mentioned earlier, amongst others, and hope we can provide help and support through our site to make your life that little bit better and less stressful.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out if I can.

All the best,


Great Self Help

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